The following are exerpts from some of the communications received from readers worldwide:

Dr. D. Seneviratne, MD, Apple Valley, California,U.S.A.:
One of the best books I have read.

Dr. S. Lena, MD, Ottawa, Canada:
An excellent guide, very practical and user friendly.

Art Ridgeway, Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada:
... The Way to Inner Peace has become a mainstay of my life. Most days I read a short section.  Then when I have reached the end I go to the front and start again.  The message comes alive anew with each reading and the guideline you provide seems entirely fitted to my needs.

M. Murray, New Westminster, BC
This is by far the best book I have read about Buddhism.  It is easy to understand and the author relates the concepts of Buddhism to everyday life in the 21st century.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is exploring Buddhism or beginning to practice Buddhism in his or her daily life.

Ven. Punnaji, former Professor of Religion at Fo Kuang Shan Ts'ung-LinUniversity, Taiwan and former chief of Toronto Buddhist Centre
... enlightening. Translates the profound teaching of the Buddha into an easily understandable rendition ... in the solution of the problems that all of us face in our daily lives, in today's world. ... It looks at Buddhism  from a new angle, exploring an aspect of Buddhism that has not been touched by any modern author, effectively bringing the Buddha's message to the man and the woman in contemporary society.  This is a book with a difference and I am sure it will strike a chord in every reader.

Dr. Paul Chris, Downsview, Ontario, Canada:
It is a fantastic book. I loved reading it. I want copies for my children.

Maria Terenzio, Toronto, Canada:
Thank you so much for writing this book.  For a person who knew very little about Buddhism, I find it clear, concise and helpful. I find I stop and look at things in a different light now.

Sena Mahawatte, Sri Lanka:
Upon a first reading of your book (I will read it several times) I must frankly admit that this is the best simplified exposition of the profound Buddha Dhamma that I have read (and I have read many books by Bhikkhus and laymen).

Doreen Silva, Sutton, England:
Your book brought me home to quite a few thoughts that made me rethink of life ...

Lionel Edirisinghe, Ottawa, Canada:
The language is simple and easy to understand.  The analogies are very helpful for any lay person to understand the message.  Gold is gold and always remains gold.  Such is your book.

Gaya Pathikirikorale, London, England:
... the book is wonderful.  I enjoyed reading every bit of it. In fact I have read it over and over again and again.  I am keeping it in my briefcase.  ... I have decided to give the second copy of the book to my daughter for her 21st birthday.

Carl Duwearatchi, Minneapolis, USA:
... one of the simplest and clearest expositions of the abstruse subject of Abhidhamma ...

Uditha Gunawardena, Brisbane, Australia:
I gave two copies of your book to two good friends both born Christians.  They are very impressed.

P. Edirisinghe, Colombo, Sri Lanka (Newspaper Review):
.... certainly a practical guide in the true sense of the word. Almost a treasure house of the more salient aspects of the Buddha's teachings that touch the practical life of a human at almost every point.

Aloy Perera, Toronto, Canada (Newspaper Review):
A unique book that fills a much felt need for a simple yet practical guide to manage stresses of daily living and attain inner calm.


[From a large donation of books given by the author to the non-profit organization, 'The Buddhist Library' in Fredericton, New Brunswick,Canada, the book has been sent to most prison libraries in the USA and Canada (at Federal, State and Provincial levels)

As indicated in the following excerpts from letters from the Secretary,The Buddhist Library and individual prisoners, The Way to Inner Peace made a significant difference in the lives of many prisoners.  Excerpts from letters from the Buddhist Library appear first and then those from the prisoners.  Names of prisoners are not divulged for obvious reasons and only the names of the institutions are given.]

The Secretary, The Buddhist Library:
... Thank you again for your help.  Having your book to send to these men and women is, as my mother would have termed it, a "god-send".
... the material has been the only thing that has made their incarceration bearable, or has kept them from going into a downward spiral. ... One prisoner said, "You people may not know it but you save lives." ... Your book means a lot to these men and women.

Estelle Prison, Huntsville, Texas, USA (Excerpts from 4 letters)
The Way to Inner Peace was just what I needed to start my spiritual journey.  It has made an impact on my life in a way I can't explain.... I am learning that laws do exist which are unseen, but are real. ...I have read your book 3 times and return often to it. ... I am finding peace every time I read it.
... You have helped change my whole life. ... I do really feel a healing and thank you.
... I use what I learned from the book everyday and share it with my close friends.  I doubt very much if I would have even made it, if it hadn't been for you.

Florence Prison Camp, Florence, Colorado, USA
I was fortunate enough to find a copy of your book, The Way to Inner Peace, in our library.  I would like to thank you for writing this book for it has had a profound effect on my way of thinking. My mind has never been in such a calm state and I know now that this difficult time too shall pass.

Lake Correctional Institution, Clermont, Florida, USA
I am studying and enjoying your book, The Way to Inner Peace, to my great benefit.
... still remains helpful to me after many re-readings.  I have shared it with many other inmates who have also enjoyed your practical approach to the everyday ...

Nova (Correctional) Institution, Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
I really enjoyed your book The Way to Inner Peace, it helped me to look at myself.  I have been looking for answers for a longtime and when I read your book, I felt very happy and I started taking some responsibility for my life.
... for 7 years I have been going in and out of prison.  It is also a blessing in disguise because if I never came here, I wouldn't have come across your book.

Altona Correctional Facility, Altona, New York, USA
I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to you for writing a wonderful book, The Way to Inner Peace. ... As a beginner, I found it very easy to understand and it gave me an excellent introduction. ...the book has helped me and had a tremendous effect on me.